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Why you should attend ILC 2020

Every year in April, scientific and medical experts from a broad range of fields including hepatology, gastroenterology, internal medicine, cell biology, transplant surgery, infectious diseases, microbiology and virology, pharmacology, pathology and radiology and imaging come together from around the world to learn about the latest in liver research.

  • EASL’s annual flagship Congress attracts around 10,000 delegates and 250 media representatives from all over the world
  • Specialists share recent data, present studies and findings
  • Discuss the hottest topics on liver disease
  • Excellent international networking opportunity
  • Taking place in a vibrant scientific and culturally rich location
  • Easily accessible by major transport networks

A Healthy Liver for a Healthy You

At ILC 2020, EASL is turning its attention to health in daily life and its importance in protecting the liver. Doctors, patients and patient groups, allied health professionals and policymakers will discuss the important new insights and information to help combat liver disease.

Attendees will hear the latest epidemiological and real-world data on the latest liver research.

EASL Principles and Values

EASL is committed to furthering research in the field of hepatology to improve the lives of everyone affected by liver disease. The combined efforts of all stakeholders in the public and private sectors, and civil society are essential to halting and reversing liver disease. As such, EASL acknowledges that every voice is valued.

EASL embraces freedom of expression during The International Liver Congress™ ( ILC ) as an essential principle in the response to progressing liver disease and in promoting full participation during the congress. However, EASL is responsible for maintaining the safety of all attendees and as such, must balance the need of allowing all participants to be heard while ensuring the Congress is not disrupted.

In September 2019 EASL launched a policy statement on equality, diversity and inclusion.

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