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Every year, the Nurse and AHP Forum shows its commitment to the scientific community and offers delegates the opportunity to update what they know about the ever-expanding role of nurses and AHPs in the treatment and management of liver disease.

At ILC 2020, the Forum looked to the future of nursing in liver disease with a heavy focus on enhancing knowledge of scientific and clinical research, encouraging effort, and expanding diversity and interaction.

Patient education is one of the main tasks of nurses and AHPs and modification of patient behaviour is a major challenge. The Forum provided useful information and practical advice on how to effect meaningful and lasting behavioural change among patients, including how to have a positive impact on obesity-related liver disease and help them adopt healthier diets and lifestyles, and understanding the barriers and facilitators to substance and sexual risk reduction

The dedicated Nurses and AHP Meet the Expert session on liver cancer offered key information and insights on improved patient management and the Case Studies session took a multidisciplinary approach to focus on cirrhosis and the struggles faced by patients when waiting for transplantation.

The roles and responsibilities of nurses and AHPs varies dramatically according to country and there was a focus on discussing these differences in order to learn and benefit from them. There was ample opportunity to meet and talk with the Task Force, enabling the exchange of ideas and experiences, and providing a platform to share expectations and needs.