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Welcome to the EASL video library where you’ll find the latest content ranging from daily VoxPops to the WHO Year of the Nurse, as well as corporate videos presenting EASL Campus and EASL membership.

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Digital ILC videos

Get a taste of what is to come at The Digital International Liver Congress™ 2020, taking place on 27–29 August 2020. Hear about it from EASL Secretary General, Prof. Philip Newsome.

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Watch this video to see how use the platform for Digital ILC 2020.

Enjoy this sparkling tribute to EASL’s first ever Digital ILC 2020. COVID-19 brought tremendous challenges, but we rose to the occasion and launched our flagship conference digitally – to great success.

Virtual events can be tremendously enriching and fun. We can reach a broader global audience than onsite ones. Enjoy this whistlestop tour of our EASL social media from Digital ILC 2020.

Vox pop testimonials

Vox pop of the day: 27 August 2020, Digital International Liver Congress

Commentary from Jean-Charles Nault on his highlights on the first day of the Digital ILC, including hot topics in liver cancer

Vox pop of the day: 28 August 2020, Digital International Liver Congress

On the 2nd day of Digital ILC, we hear from Prof. Elisabetta Bugianesi in Italy.

Vox pop of the day: 28 August 2020, Digital International Liver Congress

On this second day of Digital ILC 2020, we interviewed Prof. Manal El Sayed from Egypt.

On the final day of Digital ILC2020, we interviewed PhD nursing candidate, Neus Llarch, to hear her perspective on the conference.

EASL videos

Join us and become an active EASL member, part of the most forward-thinking and dynamic hepatology community in the world.

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EASL Hepatology Fellowships are a great opportunity, not only to get financial support, but also to attend and present results at EASL’s flagship event, the International Liver Congress™.

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Young Investigators (YIs) are hepatologists in training, under 35, and an integral part of EASL’s community. EASL encourages their academic development in diverse ways, facilitating collaboration between YIs and seasoned clinicians and experts, and offering fellowships and opportunities for them to advance on their career paths. Hear from two YIs about their experiences.

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How far has EASL come in the past year, 2019 to 2020? What developments and achievements have we accomplished? Watch this info-packed video to get a sense of the great strides we’re taking, to keep at the forefront of hepatology and to best serve our members, our community. From the International Liver Congress 2019 to Digital ILC 2020 has been an action-packed year. The tremendous disruption brought by COVID-19 has not dampened our drive in the least.

The World Health Organization declared 2020 the Year of the Nurse and the Midwife. Meet the dynamic, versatile, and dedicated members of the EASL Nurses and Allied Health Professionals Task Force. Hear their views on what this commemorative year brings us and means to them.

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EASL promotes research and education through the sharing of research findings in hepatology. This includes providing registry grants to help consortia groups dedicated to data gathering with a specific focus on liver disease. Watch this video to hear from three recipients about their experiences, the benefits of an EASL endorsement, how it benefits their collaborations and advances their research.

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The eLearning Hub, EASL Campus, offers opportunities to all members of the liver community to increase your expertise in hepatology. Watch this video to explore the features, a platform offering a wide variety of open-access, state-of-the art, interactive resources – all of which can be tailored to your speciality and professional role. EASL Campus materials include online courses, conference webcast libraries, eposters, and slide decks.

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Becoming a member of EASL offers you a host of benefits. You can access them all through our handy, user-friendly Memberzone. Watch this overview to find out what awaits you when you join the vibrant EASL community of 4,500+ members.

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EASL is forging synergies between EASL and umbrella patient organisations to fight liver disease together. In this video, learn about the European Liver Patients’ Association, ELPA, celebrating its 15th anniversary. Hear President of ELPA, Marko Korenjak describing ELPA’s achievements, collaborations to date, and the benefit of working together with EASL.

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