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EASL welcomes interest from the media regarding all matters relating to hepatology. We are happy to provide assistance to journalists who wish to attend The Digital International Liver Congress™ 2020.

The Digital ILC 2020 press kit will be available prior to the event. For all press enquiries, please contact

Our press team will be happy to assist you with registration, embargo information, audio or video recordings, or any other matters relating to the media.

Practical information for press

Significant unmet needs remain for patients with immune-mediated & #cholestatic liver diseases. Digital #ILC2020 will be a vital platform for the #livercommunity to share their experience in this area. @MarcoMarzioni74 @lialiaskou @JesusMBanales

#ilc2020 is aprocing very fast. We need our collaboration to switch in high new innovative model of partnership particularly in Europe if we like #liverdisease #Hepatitis #RareLiverDisease #NASH #NAFLD... to put very high on the agenda in time with #COVID19 #EndHep #NOhep #Health

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