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Last year, EASL introduced the Skills Learning Centre where delegates were invited to look, learn, and ask questions to experts in non-invasive, invasive and emerging therapies. At the ILC 2018, EASL is taking it one step further introducing the Skills in Hepatology track. The new track will include the Skills Learning Centre plus two symposia, one supported by EFSUMB.

EASL-EFSUMB: Non-invasive diagnostic methods
– Elastography: Rob de Knegt, The Netherlands
– Ultrasound: Fabio Piscaglia, Italy

Invasive methods: evaluation and procedures
– Endoscopy: Andres Cardenas, Spain
– Hepatic hemodynamics: Pierre-Emmanuel Rautou, France
– TIPS: Virginia Hernandez-Gea, Spain

Emerging therapies
– Alfapump®: Andrea de Gottardi, Switzerland
– Bioartificial liver assist devices – Rajiv Jalan, United Kingdom
– SX-ELLA DANIS STENT: Angels Escorsell, Spain

To find out more visit, Skills in Hepatology.