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At ILC 2020, doctors, patients, allied health professionals and policymakers will discuss the important new insights and information to help them combat liver disease. Attendees will hear the latest epidemiological and real-world data on how physical inactivity and poor diets contribute to liver disease and gain a deeper understanding of the underlying mechanisms. Leading clinicians and researchers in the field will talk about the kinds of everyday life changes that can help or even reverse liver disease, and update on treatment options.

The congress will also update attendees on EASL’s important policy and advocacy work, providing evidence and support to governments and international organizations implementing laws and policies that promote health in daily life.

Improved format at ILC 2020:

After the success of the hepatology arena in 2019, it has been decided to stage two arenas in 2020 where interactive and engaging sessions will be held. Sessions too have been rearranged to offer the best experience for delegates avoiding topic overlap. Upon popular request, there will be more “pros and cons” sessions and extended time for poster viewing.

Preliminary programme

Have a first glance at the preliminary scientific programme of The International Liver Congress™ 2020.


The scientific programme of ILC 2020 will cover all 6 liver specialties:

  • Cholestasis and autoimmune
  • Cirrhosis and complications
  • General hepatology
  • Liver tumours
  • Metabolism, alcohol and toxicity
  • Viral hepatitis

PGC: Postgraduate Course on Lifestyle and the Liver
BSS: Basic science seminar on Artificial intelligence and omics data in hepatology
Basic SOA: Basic State-of-the-Art on Immunometabolism
Clinical SOA: Clinical State-of-the-Art on Immunotherapy in HCC
PH SOA: Public health State-of-the-Art on Impact of social status and lifestyle related disease (TBD)

Have a look at 2019 resources