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Do you have a case of a patient that worries you and/or you are not sure how to solve it?

Do you have doubts on the diagnosis, on therapy or on general management?

Would you like to discuss it and take advices from major experts in the field?  Now you can! Bring it to the “Hepatology Arena”, at the brand new interactive sessions “Solve the Case”.

EASL will offer free registration to the presenters of selected cases!

Case submission platform is now closed.

The following experts will be helping you to solve your case:

Elisabetta Bugianesi Rajiv Jalan
Annarosa Floreani Frank Lammert
Alejandro Forner Frank Tacke
Peter Galle Dominique Valla

How to submit a case

  • Enter the “Solve the case” submission platform (submission is now closed)
  • Give us your case title (50-250 characters)
  • Upload the case description file in the format of a brief abstract (500-2500 characters)
  • Prepare 3 questions you want to ask the experts and enter them in the dedicated boxes
  • Finalise your case (no submission fee)

The case has not to be necessarily rare or complex; what is important are the questions and advices you need.

The more interesting your questions, the better your chance of being selected.

Case selection process

The case selection will happen in 2 steps:

  • 1st step:

Your case will be evaluated by 2 experts in the field, who will make a pre-selection of the most interesting ones for the discussion. If your case is pre-selected you will be notified by 10 January 2019;

  • 2nd step:

You will need to upload a short PowerPoint presentation before 31 January 2019. The presentation guidelines will be provided with the notification email.

The cases to be presented at the International Liver Congress™ 2019 will be notified before 19 February 2019.

You will be then ready to go and present it in the Hepatology Arena!

Hepatology Arena